The client portal is how we exchange sensitive documents.

You can upload documents that Amy needs and download your documents.

Please follow the instructions for new or existing clients. 

Do NOT email sensitive documents for any reason.

Please use the Client Portal.

If you have not yet logged into SecureFilePro™ please start here.


Have you previously logged into SecureFilePro™ and setup your password? If so you can find the instructions on how to download here.


**YOU MUST DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTS** This is not a document storage site. All client documents will expire 30 days from the day of upload. Download your documents within 30 days from upload. You can save your client portal documents to your computer so you have access to them at any time. All tax returns are to be saved indefinitely.

There will be a charge of $50 to provide another copy of your tax return. Please download it within 30 days and retain it indefinitely.